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We believe we are a great choice for most adult gatherings, from civic events to private weddings or retirement parties.   Give us a call at (214) 769-7534, or email a john@pecosriverbrass.com.

We are a band that rehearses every week to keep current, learn new music, and polish our team skills.   Since forming in 2000, we have recorded 5 studio CDs of our own music, and others of live performances and one DVD.

We are primarily a jazz band, but a very versatile group.   We can play jazz, swing dance, and have some big band arrangements of some country, latin, rock and blues music, and are a perfect choice for you if you will have a wide variety of musical taste in your guest list.   Our song list is attached (Link on your left.)

Because we are a new group, our rates are lower than some of the other bands, and considering that we are 20 members, we all work cheaper per member than many 5 piece groups or a DJ.   Please consider LIVE music for your special event. 
There is no comparison to a DJ.

Rates will be quoted based on the event, number of hours we are booked, location of the event, travel expenses if any, and the date.  Musicians don't work 40 hour weeks, so holidays, Saturday nights, Valentine's Day, New Years Eve, first two weeks of December are all times when bands book heavy and well in advance, and yes our rates are slightly higher.   We have families as well and giving up these special dates are harder to do.

 john@pecosriverbrass.com or (214) 769-7534.



For bookings or information call us: (214) 769-7534.


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